Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2024-01-01T19:02:12-05:00
What’s the minimum and maximum rental period?2020-11-16T13:14:19-05:00

The minimum rental period for all events is three (3) hours and there is no maximum for Founders Hall bookings.  However, if you have booked a Kids Birthday Package, the minimum rental period is two (2) hours and the maximum rental period is four (4) hours.

Who do I contact if I have a question after my reservation is made?2020-11-16T13:11:37-05:00

Please contact our team via email at

Is the venue dog friendly?2020-11-16T13:10:23-05:00

No pets are allowed except for service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability.

Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party?2020-11-16T13:08:54-05:00

Unfortunately we do not have changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party.

Can we go in the day before the wedding to decorate or store items?2020-11-16T13:07:56-05:00

No, since Founders Hall is a rental venue, there may be other events going on before your event.

Are we allowed to use fireworks for our celebration?2020-11-16T13:06:47-05:00

Legal and illegal fireworks (including sparklers) are prohibited on AVFRD property. 

What type of decorations can I use for my event?2020-11-16T13:04:52-05:00

Centerpieces and indoor free-standing decorations are allowed. Wall hangings cannot be hung by tape, nails, screws or thumbtacks. Absolutely no adhesive of any kind can be applied to any surface to include chairs, tables, walls, floors or ceiling. Use of glitter and confetti are not allowed.  Lit candles are not permitted in Founders Hall.

What is your cancellation policy?2023-08-17T14:18:27-04:00

Below is Founders Hall cancellation policy:

  • RENTERS may cancel their reservation prior to 30 days before the reserved rental period start time and will receive a full refund of all monies MINUS the $25 administrative fee and a 3.5% service fee which will be calculated based on the total amount of monies paid.
  • RENTERS may cancel their reservation between 30 days and 7 days before the reserved rental period start time and will receive a 50% refund of all monies paid MINUS the $25 administrative fee and a 3.5% service fee which will be calculated based on the total amount of monies paid.
  • If RENTERS cancel their reservation less than seven (7) days before the reserved rental period start time, no monies paid will be refunded.
  • RENTERS may receive a refund of all monies paid if “extraordinary circumstances” prevent the use of the Premises. The following are “extraordinary circumstances”: severe inclement weather or mechanical failure at the Premises, either of which in the sole opinion AVFRD prevent the safe use of the Premises, or proof of the sudden serious illness or death of the RENTER or an immediate family member of the RENTER.  AVFRD reserves the right to consider other situations as “extraordinary circumstances” but shall grant or deny such an application in its sole discretion and only after RENTER makes a written request for such a finding.
Can I reschedule my reservation once it is confirmed?2020-11-16T13:01:19-05:00

Yes, you can reschedule your reservation after it has been confirmed but once a reservation has been rescheduled and re-confirmed, it becomes non-refundable.  All change requests to an existing reservation must be made via email to and are subject to a $25.00 administrative fee.  

What if I have a medical issue, do we knock on the doors of the fire station?2020-10-30T14:16:34-04:00

For all medical emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

What type of security service do you offer?2020-10-30T14:15:35-04:00

We do not offer any type of on-site security but the venue is equipped with security cameras.  In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Are there any restrictions for my guest? Any areas of the facility that they are not allowed to hang out in.2020-10-30T14:14:37-04:00

Access by renters, guests, vendors/contractors, etc. is limited to the hall only.  There is a designated smoking area outside the hall door.

What is the rental fee and what’s included in that price?2020-10-30T13:57:15-04:00

The standard rental fee for Founders Hall is $200 per hour and includes tables and chairs, the full use of the hall including the kitchen, bar, and a / v system.  We have special rates for kids’ birthday party, multi-day corporate events, and 501(3)(c) organizations.

How many people can this location accomodate?2023-10-26T15:02:29-04:00

Founders Hall can accommodate a maximum of 160 people.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?2020-10-30T13:58:10-04:00

Yes, as long as you apply for and receive a Virginia ABC Banquet License.  You must provide a copy of the ABC Banquet License no later than seven (7) days before the start of your event to Founders Hall.  You may not serve or sell alcoholic beverages to minors or allow the consumption of alcohol by any minors on the Premises.   All alcohol must remain in the venue.

How many parking spots are available?2020-10-30T13:58:38-04:00

There are 40 spots available on-site.  In addition, the W&OD trail parking lot adjacent to our property is open to the public and has room for 20 vehicles.

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